Why Spring Break ROCK Camp?

March 9, 2017
by Drew Jones

Why is it important to send your child to ROCK Camp?

Camp can be seen as the perfect partner to family, school, and community youth activities in helping your child learn independence, decision-making, social and emotional skills, character building and values.  Camp provides an atmosphere of creativity and enrichment under the supervision of positive adult role models.  Also, camp provides a non-threatening environment for youth to be active, develop life skills, learn about and improve their own abilities, while being a part of a community program designed just for them.

Below are examples of positive behaviors children can develop through camp.

· A sense of industry and competency
Do they develop skills? Do they learn to work for what is important? Are they successful at what they do?

· A feeling of belonging to others and to society
Do they feel like they “fit”? Do they see a role they can play in their group, family, or community? Do they have friends?

· A belief in their ability to make decisions
Do they learn to make good choices? Do they see the results of their decisions?

· A stable identity
Are they learning what their skills are? Are they receiving positive feedback about themselves?


It’s not to late to experience a spring break never to forget! Spots are filling up quick, but registration will be open through the weekend.

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