Break The 5K Barrier

September 6, 2018
by Andrew Ainsworth

Did you know there are endless health and wellness benefits to running?

It’s no secret that running is good for you. But why? Have you ever really looked into what benefits you can receive from getting out and starting a jogging program? Different forms of exercise have been studied by researchers all around the world and the conclusions are all the same; that exercise makes you happier. A study done in the Journal of Adolescent Health was done in 2012 that showed 30 minutes of running  per week for 3 weeks improved the subjects quality of sleep, their mood, and concentration during the day. Who wouldn’t want to sleep better and perform better at work?
What other benefits might you see from a moderate running regiment?

  • Can assist in losing or maintaining weight
  • Strengthens muscles, knees, joints, and bones
  • Improves mental cognition with age
  • Inhibits “feel good” hormones
  • Provides opportunity to get out and enjoy nature

How Can I be Successful Starting to Run?

I think the most important key to finding success if you’re new to running is to set achievable goes. Don’t try and run 6 miles on your 1st day. Following a program can help you achieve your goal.

My recommendation is to find a 5K that you can sign up for that is no less than 4 weeks away. There is always a 5K going on, especially around DFW. In this case I will recommend the Rib Rub Run & Roll 5K. The race is on Sat, Oct 6th giving you plenty of time to prepare. Below  I’ve included a 4 week couch to 5K program developed by PlayTri to help guide you to being able to accomplish the 5K distance.

In addition to the running schedule you need to keep in mind these other things that can help you be accomplish the 5K.

  • Manage your Meals (It can help your overall running experience to watch what nutrition you’re using to fuel your body)
  • Drink Lots of water
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Look into  buying a pair of running shoes (and get sized for what type of running shoe best fits your foot shape)
  • Make a playlist that is the amount of time it takes you to complete a 3 mile run (so probably at least 30 minutes of music)


I'm originally from Round Rock, Tx (just north of Austin). I'm a 2011 graduate of Texas A&M University in College Station(Whoop!). I love to be outside and to share that passion with my family and friends. I have a 3 year old son, Dylan, who loves to be outside, explore, play soccer, and disc golf. I also have a month old named Hunter, who enjoys watching his big brother play. My wife of 7 years, Jennifer, loves to watch college football and go running.