Senior Health Fair: Be Aware of Scams

August 21, 2017
by Andrew Ainsworth

This week, City of Rockwall Parks and Recreation Department will highlight the Senior Health Fair’s ‘Scams’ presentation.  This presentation will be conducted by Officer David Andrews of the City of Rockwall Police Department.

For years criminals have been known to take advantage of senior citizens by trying to convince them that they are a relative, a member of law enforcement, a representative of a utility company or by other deceptive means. Below is a list of the more common scams that have been reported to the Rockwall Police Department in the past year.

  • Grandchild/Relative Needing Help
  • Smart Meter/Utility
  • Someone at your door needing to use a restroom
  • Purchases in Parking Lots
  • Utilities Shut Off
  • IRS Scam

Below you can find more information about each scam.


Next week we will highlight our guest speaker Mary Jane Douglas whose topic will be: Medicare Basics, Quick overview of Medicare and government programs to help with your Medicare costs.

Make sure to add the following to your calendar: Wednesday, September 20th City of Rockwall Senior Health Fair in partnership with Senior Services Alliance(SSA).  This FREE event will be from 9:00 a.m – 2:00 p.m. at The Center(108 E. Washington, Rockwall) and will include:

  • Educational opportunities & guest speakers
  • Health screenings
  • Health care related business & services
  • Free refreshments & door prizes



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